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Surfin' Morocco

Last weekend, we got to take a trip to the beach in Temara –– a smaller city just south of Rabat –– to take surfing lessons. Unfortunately for me, my stomach is not friends with the sea, so I didn't surf with the others. Fortunately for you guys, this means I got to take some pictures of the Americans learning how to surf together with our Moroccan buddies.


Before the surfing instruction actually started, the surf instructors led the group through some exercises so that they could practice their "pop-ups" before they even got their surfboards.


However, once they got their surfboards, it was only after a few practice jumps that the surf instructors deemed our group ready to go in the water.



Some people got to the point were they could actually surf!


It was an amazing day and everyone had a great time. Even those of us on shore, who taught the Moroccan buddies who came back from surfing how to do the shaka sign.


And to remember it by, some of us got sunburned.

Check back soon for pictures from our trip to Essaouira and Marrakech, which we leave for tomorrow!



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